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Berufsbildende Schulen des Landkreises Osnabrück Brinkstrasse

The BerufsbildendenSchulen Osnabrück-Brinkstraße is a technical vocational school with a European school status in Lower Saxony. In particular, the school is highly specialized in metal technology, electrical technology, science, mechatronics and information technology. At the moment, our school has capacity for about 3,700 students within the part-time vocational system and about 800 students in full-time vocational schools.

As experts in vocational training and higher education, we collaborate with companies from industry and the crafts sector in the Osnabrück region on various projects. We have been working with various disciplines to organize and integrate projects into the school curriculum. The combined teaching of politics, technical subjects and foreign languages enables an overall holistic approach to the handling of relevant occupational skills and supports the lifelong learning process. Therefore, teachers from different departments cooperate with each other and deal with managing knowledge-sharing issues and coordinating acquisition with respect to content.

BerufsbildendenSchulen Osnabrück-Brinkstraße has expanded, developing relationships with European countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Hungary, Estonia, the United Kingdom and Italy, and has been attending different European funding programs, especially the Leonardo mobility program, since 2003. The school has established an exchange program to enhance and consolidate its partnerships for student and teacher exchange.

The institution has particular experience in student exchanges and sending students to its partners with the Leonardo mobility certificate, and also with the Erasmus + Charter. Students and staff have participated in practical training and taken part in exchanges.

Teacher exchanges were funded by the Leonardo VETPRO program and since 2015 they have been funded by the Erasmus + program. The school participated in partnership projects within Leonardo Partnership and COMENIUS-Regio. Following this, the school was again awarded the title European School of Lower Saxony in 2015.

To meet the demands of the constantly changing working life and the process of globalization, students must acquire and improve their social, cultural, methodological and technical competencies. Therefore, BBS Osnabrück-Brinkstraße gives importance to the concept of holistic education that strives to help students develop their personalities. Efficiency, teamwork and flexibility are top priorities in today's job market. Consequently, students are required to be motivated to act and cooperate in teams. As a result, BBS supports its students to work independently and responsibly in and out of school. Students are encouraged to go abroad for 3 to 12 weeks

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