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Transnational meetings

Transnational meetings will be held in the three participating countries to share and extrapolate the results and conclusions.



It will take place in Seville (Spain), organised by the Project coordinator, IES Hermanos Machado and with the support of Vocational Education and Training and the University of Seville. The partners will meet in person and review the project's objectives and overall strategy, laying the foundations for cooperation and beyond. During the initial meeting, the partners will share their views and strategies for the practical implementation of the project, establishing the lines
of work to carry out the first activities of the Project, within its first part::

  • Management issues.
  • Quality assurance issues.
  • Dissemination plan.
  • Intellectual output 1.
  • Methodology, tasks, deadlines and responsibilities.
  • Possible modifications to the budget and financial reporting procedures.
  • Formal obligations: grant agreement and partnership agreement.


It will take place in Naples (Italy) organised by S7 and with the help of S6, after the first phase of the project, in order to know the Evaluation Guide developed and the results of the testing carried out by the selected collaborating agents in Spain and Italy of the Dual Vocational Training. In addition, a balance will be made on the fulfilment of the activities developed so far by the partners and the basis for the fulfilment of those remaining for the second part of the project will be established.



It will be held in Seville (ES), organised by S1 with the help of S2 and S3. The Digital Tool designed and developed and the result of all the testing carried out by all the selected partners of Dual Vocational Training in Italy and Spain will bepresented. This meeting will also be used to review the organisation that the partners of the Multiplier Events in Italy and Spain have been working on.

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