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The I.I.S.S. “S. Caterina da Siena – Amendola”

The I.I.S.S. "S. Caterina da Siena - Amendola" is an Upper Secondary School, located in Salema (Italy) - it is dynamic, modern and open to innovation. The school consists of 38 classes with a total of 717 students, many of whom come from the EU and from outside the European Union. It employs 127 teachers (including teachers with special educational needs) and 34 people represent ATA staff. The aim of the I.I.S.S. "S. Caterina da Siena-Amendola" is to continuously improve the quality of learning and teaching, to establish strategies of innovation and experimentation, renewal, strengthening of linguistic and training skills, cooperation with the territory and other school institutions, both national and European. Our vision is to promote quality teaching through skills development.

The I.I.S.S. "S. Caterina da Siena-Amendola" is a Technical and Vocational Institute offering courses in:

  • Chemistry Management, Materials and Biotechnology, Finance and Marketing.
  • Relationship Management.
  • International Marketing, Hotel Management, Cooking and Catering, Pastry and Catering, Bar and Reception.
  • Evening courses for adults in Management, Finance and Marketing.

The building has 4 levels and there has been a complete reorganization of all spaces, inside and outside the Institute. On the first floor there is a large entrance hall: on the right side there is the library, the teachers' room, the director's office, the deputy director's office and all the other administrative offices. On this floor, to the left of the entrance hall, there is a ceramics laboratory, a completely renovated auditorium used as a conference and theater room, and two modern and fully equipped gymnasiums. On the mezzanine floor there are three scientific laboratories (chemistry, physics and microbiology), an accounting laboratory and enogastronomy laboratories with a large, modern and fully-equipped kitchen area, as well as a restaurant with a Café Comer. Outside the building, there is a recently-built  multi-purpose playground for sports activities. On the first and second floors there are rooms used as classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards (IWB) and multimedia stations which offer great support for teaching activities. For some years now, thanks to the National Operational Programs (NOPs), we have been investing European funds to a great extent, improving the skills and competencies of our students and upgrading school facilities.

We have carried out ESF projects to improve the knowledge levels and skills of our students (promoting internships in Italy and in European countries) and ERDF projects aimed at improving teaching environments and teacher training. Our mission is to promote the continuous improvement of school services, the qualification of educational programs, the refresher training of its teachers, linguistic improvement; training in teaching non-linguistic disciplines and in opening up cooperation with the territory and with Europe.

Our Institute is nominated as an examination center for the Trinity exams at Trinity College London and hosts the DELF and DELE exams.

  • Key people involved in this project:

Angela Fiare.

English teacher and contact person for ERASMUS+ project activities.

She has a PhD in "ESP-English, special purposes, legal language" completed in January 1996 at the Faculty of Political Science "Federico 11" of the University of Naples. She is interested in designing activities funded in national and European programs (ERDF and ESF). She has good organizational and management skills, a predisposition for teamwork, a good attitude to work towards objectives and excellent communication skills.

Since the introduction of Law 107/2015, she has been interested in School Employment Alternation. She has edited and promoted several networking agreements and conventions, internships and language certifications and has participated in Comenius and Erasmus + KA2 project activities.

She has also been responsible for the evaluation of many National Operational Programs and responsible for the didactic coordination efforts of Clemática in Italy and in EU countries.

Abbatiello Anna.

A French teacher, in charge of the activities of the ERASMUS + KA2 project.

She has organizational and management skills and a predisposition for teamwork, and a good attitude to work toward long term objectives. She has excellent communication skills. She has always been interested in internships and language certifications. She has participated in Comenius and Erasmus + KA2 project activities. She is the contact person for the active project Erasmus + Call 2016 - KA2 Strategic partnerships supporting the exchange of good practice, which is in its third year.

Project code: 2016-1-FR01-KA219-023966_7

Project title: Unissons nos cceurs sans frontieres.

Sabini Rosanna.

Italian language teacher. National Designer of Operational Programs. She has good organizational and management skills, a predisposition for teamwork, a good attitude to work toward achieving goals and excellent communication skills. Specialist in solving possible alternation of School Employment, internships and apprenticeships.

Giulio Marilena.

Teacher of special educational needs. Involved in the evaluation of many national operational program projects; FixO School & University Job training and innovation program designer. A predisposition for team work. Good attitude to work toward long term goals. Excellent communication skills.

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